The Ishior Zephyrblade

June 2nd, 2015

Joshua Zaback

Best in Class Archive

                Ishior Week continues here at Necromancers of the Northwest with a brand new archetype, exclusive to the brand new ishior race included in Exotic Encounters yesterday. The ishior zephyrblade, mentioned briefly in the article, is a swashbuckler who combines the traditional arts of her class with a slew of new deeds designed to throw her foes around and leap about with incredible speed. Whether using her mind to knock her foes to the ground or to redirect arrows as they’re being fired, these new abilities allow you the chance to play a true telekinetic warrior.


New Swashbuckler Archetype
Ishior Zephyrblade

                Ishior zephyrblades are the elite warriors of the ishior people, gifted in both skill-at-arms and in athletic grace. They augment their already formidable martial talents with potent telekinetic powers, allowing them to perform feats of athleticism and combat that most swashbucklers could only dream of. Known for their ability to use their minds to hurl themselves and others through the air, these acrobatic warriors are a dangerous and highly mobile threat on the battle field.

                Deeds: The ishior zephyrblade replaces several of the traditional swashbuckler deeds with unique deeds which draw on her inborn talents, as described below.

                Telekinetic Jump (Su): An ishior zephyrblade can use her telekinetic power to instantly propel herself forward in a hugely impressive jump. At 1st level, the ishior zephyrblade can spend 1 panache point as a swift action in order to instantly jump up to 1d6 x 10 feet horizontally, or 1d4 x 10 feet vertically. This jump does not count against the ishior zephyrblade’s ordinary movement. If the ishior zephyrblade chooses to jump into or through a square occupied by another character, she may attempt an overrun combat maneuver against that character as a free action. If the check is unsuccessful, the ishior zephyrblade ends her jump five feet short of the target.

                This ability replaces the derring-do deed.

                Telekinetic Thrust (Su): At 3rd level, an ishior mindblade gains the ability to use her telekinesis to hurl her foes through the air with a violent punch which deals damage and pushes the target back. As a standard action, so long as she has at least 1 panache point, an ishior zephyrblade can attempt a special combat maneuver which does not provoke attacks of opportunity against a target within 30 feet. She adds her Charisma modifier as a bonus on this check. If successful, the target suffers 1 point of damage per level and is pushed back 1d6 x 10 feet; if the target hits an object or another creature as a result of being pushed back, both the target and the person or object he hits suffer 1d6 points of damage. By spending 1 panache point when she uses this ability, the ishior zephyrblade can deal damage equal to 3 times her level when she uses this ability.

                This ability replaces the precise strike deed.

                Telekinetic Take Down (Su): An ishior zephyrblade is able to use her telekinetic powers in order to hinder her foes. At 7th level, by spending 1 panache point as a standard action, an ishior zephyrblade can make any of the following combat maneuver checks against a foe within 30 feet: dirty trick, disarm, reposition, or trip. She gains a bonus on this combat maneuver check equal to her Charisma modifier.

                This ability replaces the targeted strike deed.

                Deflect Projectiles (Su): An ishior zephyrblade can deflect projectile weapons directed at her with her mind, forcing aside most types of missiles and thrown weapons. At 11th level, as long as she has at least 1 panache point, the first ranged attack made against the ishior zephyrblade each round automatically misses. By expending 1 panache point as an immediate action, the ishior zephyrblade can also deflect a second attack each round. This effect stacks with the Deflect Arrows feat and similar effects. This ability has no effect on spells (including spells requiring a ranged touch attack), and it does not function against siege weapons and other large projectiles.

                This ability replaces the evasive deed.

                Redirect Projectiles (Su): An ishior zephyrblade can redirect most types of missiles in flight, allowing her to redirect the energy of an attack towards another target. At 15th level, by spending 1 panache point as an immediate action, the ishior zephyrblade can redirect any ranged attack originating within 30 feet of her towards another character within 30 feet. She must choose to use this ability before the attack is rolled. The attack is otherwise resolved normally against the new target.

                This ability replaces the perfect thrust deed.

                Evade Attack (Su): An ishior zephyrblade eventually masters her telekinetic powers to such an extent as to be able to deflect even close range attacks against her person. At 19th level, as a free action which can be made on any character’s turn, the ishior zephyrblade can spend 1 panache point in order to cause a single attack to miss the ishior zephyrblade. The attack must be able to miss and attacks which automatically do damage or which require a saving throw cannot be dodged in this way.

                This ability replaces the cheat death deed.