Faster than the Eye

September 11th, 2012

Alex Riggs

Extraordinary Feats Archive

            It’s Illusion Week, and you know what that means: today’s feats are going to be all about deceit, trickery, and sleight of hand, as well as, of course, illusion magic. Those of you who live to deceive and dissemble should be able to find something of value here, and illusion specialists should find some gems that will aid them in their craft, as well. But, as all great illusionists know, showing is better than telling, so why bother reading this boring introduction, when there are exciting feats below you could be looking at?


Elusive Figment
The figments you create are exceptionally hard to strike, making them better distractions for your foes.
Prerequisite: Able to cast at least one illusion (figment) spell.
Benefit: Figments created by your spells and spell-like abilities have an AC equal to 20 + your Intelligence modifier + the figment’s size modifier.
Normal: Normally, a figment’s AC is equal to 10 + its size modifier.


Genteel Facade
You always put forth the precise persona you want.
Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks.
Benefit: Whenever any character uses the Sense Motive skill to attempt to gain a hunch about you, make a Bluff check, and compare it to the result of their Sense Motive check. If your result is higher, you may choose what kind of hunch they receive. Additionally, you receive a +2 bonus on opposed Bluff checks made to lie or maintain a disguise.


Master of Illusion
You are particularly skilled at creating realistic figments and glamers.
Prerequisites: Greater Spell Focus (illusion), Spell Focus (illusion), caster level 11th.
Benefit: The saving throw DCs of all spells of the figment and glamer subschools that you cast are increased by +2. This bonus stacks with those provided by Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus.


Spell Ventriloquism
You can apply your ventriloquism to casting spells, as well.
Prerequisite: Ventriloquism.
Benefit: Whenever you cast a spell with a verbal component, you may throw your voice, to make it sound as though the verbal component of the spell were coming from somewhere or someone else. As part of this, you can make a Sleight of Hand check to try to conceal any somatic components you are performing (the DC for this check is 20, but anyone directly scrutinizing you can attempt an opposed Perception check to spot your movements). None of this causes another individual to appear to be making somatic components, or moving his lips.


You have mastered the art of throwing your voice.
Benefit: You can use Bluff to attempt to throw your voice, making it sound as though it were coming from somewhere else. The DC to accomplish this is 15, and any character that is actively scrutinizing the noise may make an opposed Perception check to identify the true source of the noise. If you are trying to disguise your voice to sound like someone else’s, this increases the DC by at least 5, possibly more at the GM’s discretion (for particularly difficult voices).