Open Wide

April 18th, 2016

Joshua Zaback

Exotic Encounters Archive

                I won’t lie, I was little hungry when I decided to write this article, but that wasn’t the only reason I decided to devote an entire article to feats about eating your enemies. I’ve had a lot of mixed experience with monsters that use the swallow whole ability. Sure, it’s a great way to neutralize a spellcaster, but once you had the wizard grappled, it was probably over anyway. And while technically it can be a great way to deal with poorly thought out fighters, 9 times out of 10 swallowing someone just results in significantly lowering your AC and quickly disabling your cool monster ability. These new feats are all designed to make your swallow whole experience a little more threatening, without making it overwhelmingly powerful.


Acid Spray
When a victim cuts its way out of your stomach, you unleash a torrent of caustic acid.
Prerequisite: Swallow whole monster special ability.
Benefit: Whenever a creature you have swallowed successfully cuts her way out, you project a 15-foot cone of acid which burns the escaping creature and anyone caught in the cone, dealing an amount of acid damage equal to 2d6 + the acid damage dealt by your swallow whole ability (if any). A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Constitution modifier) halves this damage.


Deadly Swallow
Through practiced muscle contraction, you can quickly crush your still-living prey to death in order to facilitate easier digestion.
Prerequisite: Swallow whole monster special ability.
Benefit: Whenever a creature you have swallowed suffers damage from your swallow whole ability, she suffers an additional 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage per size category you are larger than the swallowed creature.


Expansive Stomach
Eating larger and larger meals has caused your insides to expand, allowing you to accommodate bigger creatures.
Prerequisites: Grab monster special ability, swallow whole monster special ability.
Benefit: You may swallow creatures of your size category or smaller.
Normal: Unless otherwise stated, a creature with swallow whole can swallow creatures up to one size category smaller than it.


Strong Swallow
Your powerful muscles allow you to squeeze the life out of those you have swallowed with even greater efficiency.
Prerequisite: Deadly Swallow.
Benefit: You add your strength modifier to the additional bludgeoning damage dealt by the Deadly Swallow feat. Additionally, a creature who Strength score is lower than yours suffers a -2 penalty on combat maneuver checks (but not Escape Artist checks) made to escape a grapple while swallowed whole.


Tough Inner Wall
You have a hearty physique and it is particularly difficult to cut through your flesh.
Prerequisites: Con 15, swallow whole monster special ability.
Benefit: You add an additional 1/10 your maximum hit points to the amount of cutting damage required for a swallowed creature to cut free .
Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken, the Constitution prerequisite increases by +5; thus, in order to select this feat a second time, you must have a Constitution of 20, while selecting the feat a third time would require a Constitution of 25, as so on. You can gain this feat up to 9 times.


Violent Expulsion
Rather than suffer a creature to cut its way out of you, you have trained your body to expel unwanted visitors in a deadly rush.
Prerequisites: 60 hit points, grab monster special ability, swallow whole monster special ability,
Benefit: Whenever a creature deals at least 5 points of damage to you while it is swallowed whole, as an immediate action you may choose to end your grapple with that creature and violently expel it from your insides, causing the target to be flung 10 feet in a straight line, in the direction of your choice. If the target encounters an obstacle, both the target and the obstacle suffer 1d6 points of damage and the target lands prone in a square adjacent to the obstacle; otherwise, the target is flung forward 10 feet and lands prone.