Inhuman Feats

August 28th, 2012

Joshua Zaback

Extraordinary Feats Archive

            Hello everyone, and welcome to another extraordinary edition of Extraordinary Feats, where we give you new feats to outfit your character with new goodies to give your GM a headache.  Or at least that’s what we usually do; this week, as some of you may have heard, is Monster Week here at Necromancers of the Northwest, and Extraordinary Feats is no exception to our focus on monsters.  So get your GM hat on and gear up for a slew of feats for the bad guys.


Epic Reduction [Monster]
You are a legendary creature of your kind, one of the toughest and most powerful examples of your species in existence, and only weapons beyond mortal ken can harm you.
Prerequisites: Potent Reduction, damage reduction/magic, 26 HD.
Benefit: Your damage reduction can only be overcome by epic weapons (weapons with at least a +6 enhancement bonus or which specifically overcomes damage reduction/epic weapons), or by the unarmed attacks of a monk with a number of remaining points in his ki pool equal to or greater than your Hit Dice.


Improved Rake [Monster]
In combat you are a raging blur of claws and teeth, leaving nothing behind but bloody corpses and tragic memories.
Prerequisites: Acrobatics 5 ranks, rake special attack, pounce special attack.
Benefit: Whenever you make a full attack action, you may use your rake special attacks even if you are not grappling your target.


Potent Reduction [Monster]
Unlike other creatures of your kind, it takes especially potent magic to pierce your hide.
Prerequisite: Damage reduction/magic.
Benefit: Your damage reduction can only be overcome by magical weapons with an enhancement bonus equal to or greater than 1/5 your Hit Dice (rounded down, maximum +5), or by the unarmed attacks of a monk with a number of remaining points in his ki pool equal to or greater than your Hit Dice.


Spawn Lord [Monster]
The creatures that rise as a result of your spawn are more powerful than normal.
Prerequisites: Create spawn special ability, must have a template applied.
Benefit: Any creature that results as a consequence of your create spawn special ability gains any templates which are applied to you, as long as that template could be applied to the base creature (for example, a vampire with the advanced template would cause any creatures he created with his create spawn ability to gain the advanced template as well).


Spell Protection [Monster]
Magic is innate in your blood, a part of your being, and you have tapped into that potential to become protected from similar magics.
Prerequisites: Base Will save +5, ability to cast a spell as a spell-like ability.
Benefit: You cannot be affected by any spell you can cast as a spell-like ability. Such spells have absolutely no effect on you. You can choose to waive or resume this protection as a move action. This feat only grants you protection from spell-like abilities innate to creatures of your type, and not spell-like abilities gained from other sources, such as feats, magic items, class features, or spells.


Split [Monster]
You can separate your form into two distinct and original entities
Prerequisite: Ooze type.
Benefit: As a full round action, once per week, you can undergo a mitotic split, becoming two separate creatures of your type and Hit Dice, distinct from each other and from your original self.  One of the creatures that results from this ability retains your memories and personality, while the other is a distinct individual under no compulsion to obey you (though it may still retain traces of your personality and memories). Each of these creatures has current hit points equal to half your current hit points at the time you use this ability (although each retains maximum hit point total equal to your maximum hit points before the split). Only the ooze which retains your memories has this feat after the splitting process, though the other ooze may select it as it gains Hit Dice.