Goblin Games

January 29th, 2013

Joel Migas

Extraordinary Feats Archive

            Greetings everyone, and welcome to this Goblin Week special edition of Extraordinary Feats, intended to bring you the best in new goblin-themed feats to invoke some mischief in your campaign. I am Joel the Mighty, a new acolyte of Necromancers of the Northwest, and my quest this week is to add some options for goblins both as characters and as villains. These short, cruel, wily creatures, renowned for their cruelty and hatred of gnomes, horses, and dogs, are, perhaps not surprisingly, lacking in feat options. With that in mind, let me present you with these goblin games.



Cobbled Gear (Item Creation)
Perhaps out of need, or old-fashioned ingenuity, you are practiced at using whatever scraps you can find to build what you need.
Prerequisite: Craft (armor) or Craft (weapons) 1 rank.
Benefit: You may create mundane equipment, simple or martial weapons, and armor from scraps you find. Items created this way cost 1/10th the normal price in materials. The craft DC for cobbled items is 5 lower than normal. These cobbled items are unstable and weak, and possess the fragile quality. A fragile weapon gains the broken condition if the wielder rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll with the weapon. If a fragile weapon is already broken, then a natural 1 destroys it, instead. Armor with the fragile quality falls apart when hit with heavy blows. If an attacker hits a creature wearing fragile armor with an attack roll of a natural 20 and confirms the critical hit (even if the creature is immune to critical hits), the armor gains the broken condition. If already broken, the armor is destroyed instead. Fragile armor is not broken or destroyed by critical threats that are not generated by natural 20s. Other fragile equipment gains the broken condition if the user rolls a natural 1 while using it. If already broken, the equipment is destroyed instead (for example, if you roll a natural 1 on your Climb check while climbing using cobbled rope, the cobbled rope would gain the broken condition, imposing a -2 penalty on further Climb checks made using that rope. A second natural 1 would destroy the rope, likely sending you plummeting to the ground).

            Cobbled items cannot be masterwork and cannot be made into magic items. They otherwise function normally.


Cruel and Unusual
Your creativity for cruelty knows no bounds, and you detail the torture you will inflict on your enemy to frighten him.
Prerequisites: Skill Focus (Intimidate), evil alignment.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Intimidate checks. Additionally, you ignore the -4 penalty on Intimidate checks for being smaller than your target. At 10th level, the bonus becomes +4. These bonuses only apply when you are using the Intimidate skill on creatures with which you share a language.


Tallboy (Teamwork, Combat)
You and a teammate have practiced fighting, not side-by-side, but with one of you standing on the other’s shoulders so that both of you can fight.
Prerequisites: Acrobatics 1 rank, goblin.
Benefit: Utilizing your small size, you can stand on the shoulders of a companion that also has this feat, allowing you to share a square and fight without taking any penalty. Additionally, both you and your companion gain a +2 circumstance bonus to attack rolls made while fighting this way. Both you and your companion are still targeted separately, and possess your own AC, CMD, saves, etc. A successful bull rush against either you or your companion causes this ability to end, and both you and your companion are knocked prone, and whichever was standing on top is moved to an adjacent unoccupied square. The creature standing on top of the other does not gain the benefit of higher ground when using this feat.


The Bigger They Are… (Combat)
For many creatures, being larger and stronger is advantageous; you, however, have learned techniques to use a larger foe's size and weight against him.
Prerequisites: Dex 13, Improved Trip, Small size.
Benefit: You get a +2 competence bonus to your CMB when attempting to trip a foe that is at least one size category larger than you. Additionally, you are able to trip foes of Large size. At 10th level, this bonus increases to +4.
Normal: Normally, you cannot make trip attempts against creatures that are more than one size category larger than you are.


The Harder They Fall (Combat)
Through practice and training, you have learned to trip larger foes so that they fall to the ground awkwardly and painfully.
Prerequisites: The Bigger They Are, Small size.
Benefit: Whenever you successfully trip a creature of Medium size or larger, he takes 1d6 points of damage as a result of the fall. This damage can be still prevented by any means normally able to reduce fall damage, such as with a successful Acrobatics check or the feather fall spell.


Toss Me (Combat, Teamwork)
Experienced being thrown by allies has made you better able to attack your foes. Your allies capitalize on this by tossing you at foes, surprising them.
Prerequisite: Small size.
Benefit: As a standard action, an adjacent Medium-size or larger ally can throw you at an enemy. When thrown this way, your range increment is 5 feet. The thrower must make a ranged attack to hit the square target enemy occupies (AC 5). On a miss, you land prone in a random square within 5 feet of the target square. On a successful hit, you may land in any square adjacent to the target, and may make a full attack against that target. Additionally, you gain a +2 bonus to all attacks made as part of that full-attack action, and the target is considered flat-footed against those attacks. Being tossed does leave you somewhat open to counterattack, however, and you suffer a -2 penalty to your AC until the start of your next turn.



            And finally, would Goblin Week really be complete without at least one feat designed to defeat these minute mischief-makers?



Swing from the Hip (Combat)
Fighting so often against foes smaller than you has taught you to swing right at their neckline. With a slashing weapon you can swing in an attempt to remove their head.
Prerequisites: Improved Critical, Weapon Focus (any slashing weapon), Medium size or larger.
Benefit: When you wield a slashing weapon, you receive a +4 circumstance bonus to confirm critical threats against foes that are at least one size category smaller than you. Additionally, if you confirm a critical hit against a target that is at least one size category smaller than you, increase the weapon's critical multiplier by 1 (for example, a longsword would have a critical multiplier of x3, instead of x2). Additionally, if the target is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by a critical hit that has been augmented with this ability, he is decapitated.