February 5th, 2013

Alex Riggs

Extraordinary Feats Archive

            For quite some time now, I’ve been taking every opportunity to make weapon-specific feats, which give you special combat bonuses or options that fit thematically into what a given weapon is supposed to do, with the goal of letting a rapier-wielder really feel different to play than an axe-wielder, a knife-wielder, and so on. Today, I decided to try my hand at tridents (although, admittedly, when exploring options for expanding on the ability to brace the trident, I found some things that I really felt should apply to all weapons that can brace).



Greater Brace (Combat)
Charging into your braced weapon is simply suicide.
Prerequisites: Improved Brace, base attack bonus +11.
Benefit: Whenever you ready a full-attack action against a charge using a brace weapon, you deal double damage on each attack in that full attack that hits, instead of just the first attack. Additionally, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls made as part of a readied action to brace a brace weapon against a charge.


Greater Prong Twist (Combat)
You can ready your trident to disarm your foe mid-swing.
Prerequisite: Improved Prong Twist.
Benefit: As a standard action, you can ready an action to use your trident to disarm any foe that attacks you. If you do, you gain a +4 bonus to CMB for the purposes of any disarm combat maneuvers you make as part of that readied action. This bonus stacks with the bonuses granted by Prong Twist and Improved Prong Twist, as well as Improved Disarm and Greater Disarm. If you successfully disarm the opponent, the triggering attack automatically misses.


Improved Brace (Combat)
When you brace your weapon, you don’t show any mercy.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (any weapon with the brace special weapon feature), base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: Whenever you ready an action to set a brace weapon against a charge, you may choose to ready a full-attack action, instead of a single attack. Readying this action is a full-round action, and allows you to make a full-attack action against a charging creature, instead of a single attack. You only deal double damage on the first attack made as part of this full-attack action. Any subsequent attacks deal damage as normal.


Improved Prong Twist (Combat)
You know how to get the most out of the trident’s propensity for disarming opponents.
Prerequisite: Prong Twist.
Benefit: Whenever you use a trident to make a disarm combat maneuver, if the target is wielding a hafted weapon or a weapon with reach, you may choose to gain a +4 bonus to CMB for that combat maneuver. If you do, and the disarm attempt is successful, the item that the target drops must be a hafted weapon or weapon with reach.


Prong Twist (Combat)
You know how to use the unique shape of your trident to rip foes’ weapons from their grasp.
Prerequisite: Weapon Focus (trident).
Benefit: You treat tridents as though they had the disarm special weapon feature (you get a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to disarm an enemy while you are wielding a trident). Additionally, you may make disarm attempts with a trident without provoking an attack of opportunity from the target.