Casting with Style

March 12th, 2013

Joel Migas

Extraordinary Feats Archive

            I tend to enjoy playing spellcasters. I know, I know; doesn't everyone? But what I get tired of is the lack of feats that let me mess with my spellcasting ability. I mean, you have all this magical power at your disposal, coursing through your veins, but you can't, especially if you're a cleric, druid, or wizard, twist it into anything useful if you haven't prepared the right spells. Admittedly, that is somewhat difficult to work into abstract game mechanics. But it is my hope that with these feats, you can feel like you have an extra trick up your sleeve.

Absorb Spell
By pulling the strands of magic just so, you can pull potentially harmful magic under your control.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 3rd-level arcane spells.
Benefit: You are adept at absorbing the energy of spells whose effects you dispel. Whenever you successfully dispel an ongoing spell effect, you absorb the spell energy, allowing you to immediately regain a single prepared spell or spell slot that you have expended since the last time you regained your spells. The spell or spell slot regained must be  at least two spell levels lower than the level of the spell that you dispelled.


Magical Zeal
The thrill of success in combat refreshes your mind and spirit.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 6th-level arcane spells.
Benefit: Whenever you cast a spell that reduces one or more creatures to 0 or fewer Hit Points, if that creature had a number of Hit Dice equal to or greater than your caster level, you may immediately regain a single spell slot or prepared spell of 3rd level or lower that you have expended since the last time that you regained your spells.


Practiced Resilience
Your knowledge of spells and their effects gives you an edge when defending against them.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Benefit: You know how to better resist spells you are practiced at casting. Choose 3 spells you know and have the ability to cast. You gain a bonus equal to your primary spellcasting ability score modifier (Intelligence for wizards, Charisma for sorcerers, etc.) on saving throws made to resist the selected spells.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Its effects don’t stack. Each time you take it, select three new spells that you know and have the ability to cast.


Shielding Spell
You can use spell energy to protect yourself from attacks for a short time.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Benefit: As an immediate action, you may sacrifice an unused spell slot or prepared spell to gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to the level of the spell or spell slot that was sacrificed. This bonus lasts for 3 rounds.


Spell Blast Javelin
You have learned the secret of manipulating spell energy into force energy, which you can hurl at opponents.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Benefit: You may expend an unused spell slot or prepared spell in order to wreathe your hands in arcane energy, which you can expend in order to fire deadly rays. As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can make a ranged touch attack which deals 2d6 + your primary spellcasting ability modifier points of damage. Alternatively, when you use the full attack action, you may substitute rays instead of your normal attacks (allowing you to fire as many rays as you would normally make attacks, at the same base attack bonuses, provided that you have enough energy for that many rays. For each spell level of the sacrificed spell, you can fire one ray (for example, if you sacrificed a 5th-level spell, you could fire a total of five rays. This could be done as 5 standard actions, or, if your base attack bonus was high enough to allow for two attacks per round, could be done as two full-attack actions and a single standard action, etc.). Any rays that have not been fired after one minute are lost.

            Additionally, if the sacrificed spell has the acid, cold, electricity, or fire descriptors, the ray deals damage of that type. Otherwise, all damage dealt by the ray is untyped. In either case, damage dealt by the ray is subject to spell resistance.


Spellbound Bloodlust
The magic within you lusts for the blood of your enemies and burns stronger when it tastes an enemy’s pain.
Prerequisite: Able to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Benefit: Whenever a spell you cast deals damage to a creature, any spell you cast that deals damage to that creature deals an additional 1d6 points of damage. This effect stacks, up to 5d6 additional damage, but ends immediately if you go an entire round without casting a spell that damages that creature (For example, if you successfully hit a creature with a scorching ray spell for 3 consecutive rounds, you would deal 4d6 fire damage on the 1st round, then 5d6 fire damage in the 2nd round, then 6d6 fire damage in the 3rd round. If you target a different creature with another scorching ray spell in the next round, you will only do the normal 4d6 fire damage.).


Tools of the Trade
As long as you possess magic energy, you are never without a tool for the job.
Prerequisite: Craft 1 rank, able to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Benefit: You can expend an unused spell slot or prepared spell in order to create a tool out of nothingness. The tool in question cannot cost more than 50 gp, and must be one that you are familiar with. The tool is made of pure force, and is translucent. The force tool remains for 8 hours, or until dismissed (a free action). When used by you, the tool grants an enhancement bonus to any checks made to use it equal to the level of the spell slot or prepared spell that was expended to create it.