Feats of the Mind

April 9th, 2013

Joshua Zaback

Extraordinary Feats Archive

            Hello everyone, and welcome once again to Extraordinary Feats, the home of cool feats available for free to you loyal fans that visit our website. Generally, we provide you with new feats that directly enhance your skill at fighting, typically through feats that highlight the differences in various fighting styles. And don’t get me wrong, I really love those kinds of feats, but if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “What about the rest of us?” So this week, I created these feats of the mind, for those of us who are thinkers, rather than fighters.


Through intense focus and relentless discipline, you have come to embody the principle of mind over matter, and your thoughts dictate how you affect the world.
Prerequisites: Int 13, Wis 13, Mantra, character level 10th.
Benefit: You can initiate a mantra as a move action, and maintain it as a swift action. You can also maintain more than one mantra at a time, though it is a separate action to maintain each mantra (meaning that unless you can take multiple swift actions in a round, the second mantra will effectively require a move action to maintain). The effects of multiple mantras do not stack.


Improved Mantra
Your practice with mantras allows you to create more powerful and effective mental constructs, which are even more useful in harnessing the power of your mind.
Prerequisites: Int 13, Wis 13, Mantra, character level 10th.
Benefit: When you choose to gain a bonus to skill checks, ability scores, or saving throws with a mantra, the bonus is increased to +4. When you choose to gain a bonus to attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, or AC with a mantra, the bonus is increased to +2.


By repeating a mantra, you can focus your concentration, lending the power of thought to everything you do.
Prerequisites: Wis 13, or Knowledge (religion) 1 rank.
Benefit: You can recite a mantra in order to gain certain benefits. In order to begin reciting a mantra, you must spend a full-round action focusing your mind. In order to maintain the mantra, you must spend a move action each round to continue reciting it. Initiating and maintaining a mantra are wholly mental actions: the mantra does not need to be said aloud in order to be effective. Neither initiating nor maintaining a mantra provokes attacks of opportunity.

            Whenever you initiate a mantra, you may choose a single skill, ability score, or saving throw. If you do, you gain a +2 bonus to skill checks made with the chosen skill, ability score checks made with the chosen ability, or saving throws of the chosen type. Alternatively, you may instead choose attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, or AC. If you do, you gain a +1 bonus to the chosen thing. Regardless of what is chosen, the bonus lasts only for as long as you continue to maintain the mantra.


You have learned the ability to gather your mental energies and recover your power.
Prerequisites: Wis 13.
Benefit: By spending ten minutes meditating, you can recover your abilities. While meditating in this way, you are considered helpless and unaware of your surroundings, exactly as though you were asleep (though you do not actually lose consciousness). When you begin meditating, you must choose a single class feature that you have that can be used a limited number of times per day, and which you have already used at least once that day. At the end of your meditation, you regain a single daily use of that class feature. Alternatively, you may use your meditation to focus on spellcasting, in which case at the end of your meditation you regain a single expended spell slot or prepared spell, as though you had not yet cast it that day. You may only meditate in this way once per day.
Special: You may take this feat more than once. Each time you do, you may use this ability an additional time each day.


Mental Agility
Your mind is quicker than normal, allowing you to perform some actions at the speed of thought.
Prerequisites: Int 13, character level 10th.
Benefit: You can perform any action which would ordinarily require a standard action as a move action, instead. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Intelligence modifier. Because of the nature of spellcasting, which is already a primarily mental activity, this ability cannot be used to cast spells, but any other activity that normally requires a standard action can be used in this way.


Over the years you have collected knowledge from all around you, and you have a relevant saying for every situation.
Prerequisites: Wis 13, or middle-aged or older.
Benefit: You can recite a proverb to either inspire a creature or infect him with doubts. Reciting a proverb is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You must select a single creature that can see and hear you, and is within 30 feet. You must then make a special proverb check (d20 + your ranks in the Knowledge skill that would normally be used to identify a creature of the target’s creature type + your Wisdom modifier), with a DC equal to 10 + the target’s Hit Dice + the target’s Wisdom modifier. If the check is successful, you may choose to either grant the target a +1 bonus or impose upon the target a -1 penalty to your choice of AC, attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, or saving throws. Regardless of what is chosen, the bonus or penalty lasts for 1 minute. You can use this ability at will, but multiple uses of this ability don’t stack.