Feats of Faith

September 10th, 2013

Joshua Zaback

Extraordinary Feats Archive

            Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting edition of Extraordinary Feats, where week after week we bring you new and ever more exciting feats with which to thrill and excite. This week’s offering focuses on feats of faith. No, I don’t mean extra channeling, but rather feats which actually seek to represent the awe-inspiring power of faith and the miracles that stem therefrom.


Daily Worship
You participate in a daily ritual of worship to a deity or similarly potent force displaying the depth of your faith through routine, confident that your staunch and never failing effort will be rewarded.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks.
Benefit: As long as you devote at least 1 hour per day to the worship of a deity or similar potently religious force in which you believe (such as a powerful fiend, driving philosophy, or living emperor), you gain a sacred bonus on all saving throws. The strength of this bonus depends on the influence of your deity in the local area. In areas where the force you worship wields no influence (such as a town where you are the only worshiper or a place which has nothing to do with your deity’s philosophy—for example, being in a large city when you worship a deity of forests), you receive a +1 sacred bonus. In areas where your deity wields minor influence (such as a town with a temple to your deity or an area which is highly associated with that force—for example, being in a thriving city when you worship a god of civilization), this bonus increases to +2. In an area where your deity wields high influence (such as within a major temple to that deity), this bonus increases to +3.


Good Karma
You strive hard to live your life in accordance with your faith and spurn activities you deem impious. In following the tenants of your faith, you find that life is simply better for you.
Benefit: When you gain this feat, select 2 domains; if you worship a specific deity, these domains must be chosen from among the domains associated with that deity. Whenever you perform an action which is suitably in keeping with the chosen domains (at the GM’s discretion), you gain a single karma point. If you perform an action which is specifically opposed to the tenets of a chosen domain (at the GM’s discretion) you lose a point from your karma pool. You cannot gain or lose more than 3 karma points in any given day. Whenever you make a d20 roll of any kind (including attack rolls, combat maneuver checks, ability checks, skill checks, and saving throws), you may expend any number of karma points from your pool, to a maximum number of points equal to 1 + 1/5 your level, rounded down (minimum 1). If you do, you gain a luck bonus on the roll equal to the number of karma points expended in this way.


Prayer of Redemption
You know that failure is a part of life and seek forgiveness for your weakness from a deific force.
Benefit: Whenever you fail an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, you may pray for redemption to a deific force in which you believe. If you do, the next time you would make a roll of the same type, roll twice and take the better result.  If you do not make such a roll within 1 hour, the ability is wasted. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier,


Prayer of Salvation
Sometimes, all you can do is pray.
Benefit: Once per week, as a full-round action, you may attempt to pray for salvation. There is a 50% chance your prayer is heard. If your prayer is not heard, the effect is wasted. If your prayer is heard, you cannot be reduced below -1 hit point and automatically stabilize at -1 hit point. Additionally, you gain a +5 bonus to AC and to all saving throws, and you treat all d20 rolls resulting in a natural 1 as though you had rolled a 10 instead. These effects last for 1 minute, although in particularly extreme circumstances (at the GM’s discretion), it may last for up to 1 minute per level.


Prayer of Thanks
You are indebted to otherworldly forces for your successes, and can give thanks in order to be rewarded.
Benefit: When you succeed on an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, you may offer thanks to a deific force in which you believe. If you do, you gain a +2 sacred bonus on the next attack roll, saving throw, or skill check you make. If you do not use this bonus within 1 minute, the effect is wasted. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier,