April 22nd, 2014

Joshua Zaback

Extraordinary Feats Archive

                The title says it all. Today’s feats will, of course, be focusing on the charge, one of the most exciting and iconic tricks in the fighter’s tool box. Unfortunately, for the most part charges tend to be less overwhelming and more something you do because you can’t full attack. Well no longer! Today’s Extraordinary Feats is aimed entirely at making charging more extraordinary. Brace yourself!


Berserker Charge
Like a raging berserker, you rush an entire squadron of enemies, swinging wildly and shouting with murderous triumph.
Prerequisites: Great Cleave or Whirlwind Attack.
Benefit: When you use the charge action, at the end of your movement you may make a single melee attack at your highest base attack bonus against each creature you threaten. You suffer a cumulative -2 penalty on each attack for each previous attack you made as part of this action.


Charging Dismount
You urge your steed forward in a devastating charge only to leap from the saddle at the last minute, striking out mightily with your weapon as you gracefully soar to the ground.
Prerequisite: Spirited Charge.
Benefit: Whenever you use the charge action while mounted, at the end of your movement you may attempt a Ride check to dismount as a free action. If the attempt is successful, you deal triple the normal damage you would for a charge attack, or 4 times normal damage if you are using a lance. If the check fails, you fall prone and your attack automatically misses. Either way, you must end your movement in a square from which you threaten the target of the charge.


Dire Charge
You rush forward, screaming your battle cry and gripping your weapon high above your head, ready to bring it down in a single mighty blow aided by your momentum to slay your foe.
Prerequisites: Critical Focus and Improved Critical (any melee weapon).
Benefit: Whenever you make an attack using a weapon for which you have the Improved Critical feat as part of a charge action, you increase the critical threat range and critical multiplier of that weapon by 1 for the purposes of that attack. Apply this effect after any other effects which expand the threat range of the weapon (for example, a creature wielding a battleaxe would increase the critical threat range from 19-20 after applying the Improved Critical feat to a range of 18-20).


Long Charge
You are an expert sprinter and have applied your extreme speed and skill at running to making exceptionally long charges, flying across the battlefield like a bolt of lightning.
Prerequisite: Run.
Benefit: When you use the charge action, you may move up to three times your speed in a straight line before making your attack. Additionally, if you move more than twice your speed in this way, both the bonus to attack rolls and penalty to AC made as part of charging increase by 1.


Overwhelming Charge
Prerequisites: Improved Bull Rush or Improved Trip.
Benefit: Whenever you successfully deal damage with an attack made as part of a charge action, you may attempt a special combat maneuver check against the creature that you damaged. Apply any modifiers to your CMB that would apply to a bull rush or trip attempt. If the attempt is successful, the target is pushed back 5 feet and knocked prone.