Ultimate Feats

July 1st, 2014

Alex Riggs

Extraordinary Feats Archive

                It’s 20th-level week here at Necromancers of the Northwest, and we’re climbing to the highest reaches that the game can take you, and enjoying the view from on top of the adventuring world. Now, there aren’t very many feats that require you be 20th-level in order to take them. In fact, outside of A Necromancer’s Grimoire: The Book of Martial Action and its sequel, I don’t think there are any such feats at all.

                There are no doubt several reasons for this, but one of them is that it’s actually pretty hard to get a feat at 20th level. Since characters generally get feats on odd-numbered levels, you would need to be granted a bonus feat by your class in order to get a feat at 20th level exactly. And while there are numerous ways that you might go about multiclassing in order to make this happen, there are actually four classes that give 20th-level bonus feats to you automatically (admittedly, in the case of the rogue, you actually get a rogue talent, which you would need to use on a talent that grants you a feat, but the principle remains the same). Naturally, I decided to reward those dedicated enough to stick through 20 levels in their class with some flashy 20th-level endgame feats for these four classes: the fighter, the gunslinger, the rogue, and the wizard.


Endless Grit (Grit)
You are capable of an almost limitless supply of grit.
Prerequisite: Gunslinger level 20th.
Benefit: When you currently have no grit points remaining, you can spend 1 minute in intense concentration, during which time you can perform no other actions. If you do, you regain a single grit point. If you have the Extra Grit feat, you regain 2 grit points whenever you use this ability, instead. You can’t use this ability if you currently have 1 or more grit points.

Mutable Spell (Metamagic)
Your complete mastery over the arcane arts allows you to enhance spells practically on the fly. You can choose the amount of metamagic to apply in advance, and wait to decide what specific effects to apply until the last second.
Prerequisite: Wizard level 20th.
Benefit: When you prepare a mutable spell, you can choose to have it take up a spell slot any number of spell levels higher than it normally would. When you cast the spell, you can apply any metamagic feats you know to the spell without increasing the spell’s casting time or further increasing the spell level of the slot that it uses, provided that the metamagic feats that you apply would not increase the spell’s level by more than the amount that you increased it with this feat (for example, if you prepared a mutable fireball in a 5th-level spell slot, when you cast that spell, you could choose to make it empowered, or both enlarged and silent, or you could heighten it to 5th level).


Steady Offense (Combat)
You do not lose nearly as much accuracy with each additional attack as other, lesser warriors do.
Prerequisite: Fighter level 20th.
Benefit: The penalty you suffer on additional attacks made as part of a full-attack action is reduced to -3 (for example, a 20th-level fighter with this feat that made a full-attack action would attack at base attack bonuses of +20/+17/+14/+11). This has no effect on any other penalties applied to your attacks, such as those imposed by two-weapon fighting.


Supreme Precision (Combat)
You know that everything has a weak spot, even if that isn’t readily apparent to others.
Prerequisite: Rogue level 20th.
Benefit: Your sneak attack damage applies even to creatures that would normally be immune to sneak attacks or precision-based damage, although such creatures take only half as much sneak attack damage as an ordinary creature would. This feat does not allow the rogue to apply the master strike class feature to creatures that would normally be immune to sneak attack damage.