Ooze Feats

Are These?

July 8th, 2014

Alex Riggs

Extraordinary Feats Archive

                I’ve said it before, and the way things have been going, I’ll probably say it again, but monsters don’t have enough interesting feats to choose from. One particular offender is the ooze, as oozes tend to be particularly high in Hit Dice, and their strange and unusual bodies, combined with their penchant for a low Dexterity, mean they often have few appropriate feats to take. The solution? Make some feats that are more ooze-appropriate, such as ones that relate to common ooze abilities, like engulf and split.


                The following feats may be of interest to creatures with the engulf universal monster ability.


Quick Engulf (Monster)
You can engulf creatures at much greater speed than others of your kind.
Prerequisite: Engulf.
Benefit: You can engulf creatures as part of a move action. You must still move into the target’s square, as normal for the engulf ability, and successfully engulfing a creature ends your movement. Using the engulf ability in this way does not prevent you from making other attacks in the same round.


Safe Engulf (Monster)
When you engulf your prey, it is much harder for them to attempt to stop you.
Prerequisite: Engulf.
Benefit: Attempting to engulf a creature does not grant that creature an attack of opportunity against you. The target may still attempt a Reflex save to avoid being engulfed, but the DC of the saving throw is increased by +1.


Sticky Engulf (Monster)
Your gooey embrace is much more difficult to escape than others of your kind.
Prerequisite: Engulf.
Benefit: When a creature that you have engulfed escapes from being pinned, you can choose to continue grappling it. If you do, you gain the grappled condition and are grappling the engulfed creature, but you remain in control of the grapple, and the engulfed creature remains inside you (and subject to your engulf damage) for as long as they remain grappled. If you successfully pin the engulfed creature, you are no longer considered grappled. If the grappled creature escapes the grapple, or gains control of the grapple, it moves outside your body.


Vitriolic Engulf (Monster)
You digest those you engulf particularly quickly.
Prerequisite: Engulf, 10 Hit Dice.
Benefit: Creatures that you have engulfed suffer an additional 2d6 points of acid damage each round that they remain engulfed.



                The following feats may be of interest to creatures with the split universal monster ability.


Healthy Separation (Monster)
When you split, the two halves become greater than the whole.
Prerequisite: Split.
Benefit: When you use your split ability, both copies have 3/4 the hit points that you had when you used the split ability (rounded down), instead of 1/2.


Three-Way Split (Monster)
You can divide into three copies, rather than two.
Prerequisite: Split.
Benefit: Whenever you would split into two copies, you can choose to split into three copies, instead. If you do, each copy has 1/3 as many hit points as you had when the split occurred (rounded down). This otherwise functions as normal for the split ability.
Special: If you have the Healthy Separation feat, then each copy has 1/2 as many hit points as you had when the split occurred (rounded down), instead of the normal amount.


Voluntary Split (Monster)
You can split on command.
Prerequisite: Split.
Benefit: You can use your split ability to transform into two copies of yourself at any time as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.