More Mental Magic

June 7th, 2012

Alex Riggs

Obscure Arcana Archive

            Hello, and welcome once again to Obscure Arcana, your number-one source for all things magical and mysterious. As you’re already aware if you read the banner above, this is Enchantment Week, and so naturally we’ve got an array of enchantment spells for you.


Alignment Reversal

Alignment Reversal

            This spell warps the target’s mind, reversing his moral and ethical outlook. The affected creature’s alignment becomes the opposite of what it normally is (a Lawful Good character becomes Chaotic Evil, a Chaotic Neutral character becomes Lawful Neutral, etc.). If the target’s alignment is Neutral, it instead goes to a random extreme on both alignment axes: roll a d4 to determine whether the target’s new alignment becomes Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, or Chaotic Evil.

            An alignment reversal spell can be dispelled as normal, returning the character to his or her original alignment. Additionally, if the target willingly undergoes an atonement spell and chooses to return to his original alignment, the alignment reversal spell is automatically dispelled. Note that because alignment reversal warps the character’s perceptions of good, evil, law, and chaos, the target is extremely unlikely to want to return to his original alignment.

            An alignment reversal spell that causes the target to become evil gains the evil descriptor, and one that causes the target to become chaotic, good, or lawful gain the corresponding descriptors, as well, even if the caster does not know what alignment the target will become.


Balthavius’s Potent Charm

Balthavius's Potent Charm

            This spell was developed by the eccentric sorcerer Balthavius, who used it to ensure that his attempts to charm women were nearly always successful. The spell functions identically to the spell charm person, except that the saving throw DC to resist the effect is 1 higher than it would normally be (for example, the saving throw DC is typically 13 + your primary spellcasting ability modifier, instead of 12 + your primary spellcasting ability modifier, and if it were heightened to be a 5th-level spell with Heighten Spell, the saving throw DC would be 16 + your primary spellcasting ability modifier, etc.).


Hawk’s Alertness

Hawk's Alertness

            By means of this spell, you focus the target’s mind on his surroundings; heightening his awareness and making him better able to detect things around him. The target gains a +4 bonus on all Perception checks for the duration of the spell.


Kabaz’s Deep Sleep

Kabaz's Deep Sleep

            This spell causes a single creature to fall into an enchanted slumber, immediately falling asleep where he stands. While sleeping in this way, the target does not need to eat or drink, and does not suffer the normal penalties for starvation or thirst. The sleeping creature is helpless.

            Normal noise has no chance of waking a creature affected by Kabaz’s deep sleep, but there are ways to awaken an affected creature early. Any time the creature takes damage, he receives a new Will save to wake up (with a bonus on the saving throw equal to 1/4 the damage he took, rounded down). Slapping or shaking the affected creature also allows a new Will save, but without the bonus.

            A creature who remains under the effects of this spell for an entire day recovers hit points and heals ability score damage as though he had undergone complete bed rest for two whole days.


Veltannia’s Subtle Command

Veltannia's Subtle Command

            This spell functions similarly to the spell suggestion, but allows for more complicated suggestions, and provides a longer period of time for triggered suggestions to occur. Firstly, the suggested course of activity is no longer limited to a sentence or two, although particularly complex sets of instructions may only be completed partially, or may be performed incorrectly. Additionally, you need not make the suggestion sound reasonable, and can make completely unreasonable suggestions in this way without penalty, though the target will not perform any act which is obviously suicidal (such as jumping off a cliff, cutting his own throat, or attacking a creature far more powerful than he is).

            While the spell’s duration can be as much as 1 day per level, it can only compel the target to perform the suggested action for roughly 2 hours per caster level you possess, and the spell ends after the suggested task is completed, or the subject has spent that amount of time working towards it. However, if you choose to specify conditions that would trigger the suggested action (such as, for example, “If you see the queen, give her this message.”), then the target will retain the instructions for up to 1 day per caster level you possess.



            Well, that’s it for today. What’s that? You want more enchantment and mental magic? Sorry, we’re all out. These things don’t grow on trees, you know. But, if you really want more, you could always check out this article, Magic of the Mind, which has five more enchantment spells along a similar vein. There, happy? Still not, huh? Well, if you want even more spells, I’d recommend you check out Advanced Arcana and Advanced Arcana II, two whole books full of creative and innovative spells, at a very affordable price, which you can get here.