The Zealous Inquisitor

June 10th, 2013

Alex Riggs

Best in Class Archive

            Hello, and welcome to Inquisitor Week here at Necromancers of the Northwest. Inquisitors are kind of an odd class, both because their mechanical niche, as a class, is much less clearly defined than most of the other classes, and also because, while their flavor certainly ties into the only “inquisitors” that most people think of when that word is used (that is, the Spanish Inquisition, known today primarily for its ruthless and inhumane approach to rooting out and removing heretics—a reputation that may or may not be somewhat exaggerated), nothing in their mechanics really has anything to do with that, and even the flavor largely shies away from the historical inquisition’s reputation, one that definitely fails to live up to the standards of heroic.

            As a result, we haven’t given the inquisitor a lot of love over the years, and that’s sad, in part, at least, because popular wisdom tells us that behind every man with a pair of scalding hot tongs, there’s usually a little boy who didn’t get hugged enough as a child. Whatever the case, this week aims to fix that, and give the inquisitor a spotlight, starting with an archetype that I feel brings the class a bit more in line with what one might imagine when they think of “the inquisition.”



New Inquisitor Archetype
Zealous Inquisitor

            All inquisitors say that they are willing to take extreme measures to root out heretics and see the will of their deity done, but some are more willing than others to take things to their full, logical conclusion. Zealous inquisitors know that because everything they do, they do in the name of their god, it is all justified, no matter how grim or terrible it may be. Their faith hardens them like a blade in the furnace, and they are the ultimate instruments of their deity.

            Zealous Persecution (Ex): Beginning at 3rd level, the zealous inquisitor gains a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls made against creatures that follow a deity other than the zealous inquisitor’s deity. The zealous inquisitor only gains this benefit against creatures that are specifically devoted to a deity, and it does not apply to attacks made against creatures that are not affiliated with a specific deity. If the inquisitor herself does not worship a specific deity, this class feature has no effect. At the GM’s discretion, this bonus may also not apply to followers of certain deities that are allied with or subordinate to the inquisitor’s own. At 6th level, and every three levels thereafter, this bonus increases by an additional +1.

            This ability replaces the solo tactics class feature, as well as all teamwork feats granted by the inquisitor class.

            Enhanced Interrogation (Sp): Beginning at 5th level, a zealous inquisitor can cast greater interrogation as a spell-like ability once per day. At 10th level, and every five levels thereafter, she may use this ability an additional time each day.

            This ability replaces the discern lies class feature.

            Where It Hurts (Ex): Beginning at 14th level, a zealous inquisitor becomes an expert at inflicting pain, and hitting her foes’ soft spots. She treats the critical multiplier of any weapon she wields as though it were one higher than it actually is (for example, a longsword would have a multiplier of x3, and a battleaxe would have a multiplier of x4, etc.).

            This ability replaces the exploit weaknesses class feature.

            Painful Blow: At 17th level, a zealous inquisitor gains access to the following judgment, in addition to the normal list of inquisitor judgments.

            Painful Blow (Su): The first time each round that the zealous inquisitor damages a creature with a melee attack, that creature must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the zealous inquisitor’s inquisitor level + the zealous inquisitor’s Wisdom modifier) or be sickened for one round. If the creature fails by 5 or more, he is staggered for one round, instead.

            This ability replaces the slayer class feature.