Best in Class



Article Title
Trance Master (Mesmerist) Joshua Zaback 8/14/2018
Time Merchant (Time Thief) Joshua Zaback 7/17/2018
Military Officer (Starfinder) Alex Riggs 7/10/2018
Fell Caller (Direlock) Alex Riggs 7/05/2018
Animist (Spiritualist) Joshua Zaback 6/26/2018
Occult Detective (Prestige Class) Alex Riggs 6/14/2018
Blood Mystery (Oracle) Joshua Zaback 5/8/2018
Temporal Agent (Starfinder) Alex Riggs 4/26/2018
Oneiromancer (Occultist) Alex Riggs 3/29/2018
Scholarly Researcher (Alchemist) Joshua Zaback 3/13/2018
Dark Cavaliers (Cavalier) Alex Riggs 2/6/2018
Aboleth Discipline (Psychic) Alex Riggs 1/25/2018
Lucky Scoundrel (Starfinder) Alex Riggs 1/9/2018
Earth Elemental Infusion (Mephit) Alex Riggs 12/19/2017
Implements and Firearms Alex Riggs 12/12/2017
White Necromancer Spell List Alex Riggs 12/5/2017
Wandering Nemesis (Vigilante) Alex Riggs 11/7/2017
Adventurous Origins Alex Riggs 10/31/2017
Wild Herd (Silvermane Exemplar) Alex Riggs 10/24/2017
Ash Walker (Monk) Alex Riggs 10/17/2017
Manipulator Alex Riggs 10/10/2017
Shaman Spirits Alex Riggs 10/03/2017
Dinochemist (Alchemist) Alex Riggs 9/26/2017
Healers Joshua Zaback 9/5/2017
Vaquero Alex Riggs 8/29/2017
Spiritualism Discipline (Psion) Joshua Zaback 8/22/2017
Verminlord (Druid) Alex Riggs 8/15/2017
Wandering Warrior (Ranger) Joshua Zaback 8/8/2017
PC Mounts Joshua Zaback 8/8/2017
Mystic Fist (Stalker) Alex Riggs 7/25/2017
Sunsinger (Bard) Alex Riggs 7/18/2017
Master of Masks (Inquisitor) Alex Riggs 6/27/2017
Sanctuary Seekers Alex Riggs 6/20/2017
Shadow Styles (Shadow Assassin) Alex Riggs 6/13/2017
Order of the Moon (Cavalier) Joshua Zaback 6/6/2017
Noble NPCs Joshua Zaback 5/30/2017
Ring Mystery (Oracle) Alex Riggs 5/23/2017
Dedication and Jealous (Eliciter) Alex Riggs 5/16/2017
Classical Wrestler (Barbarian) Alex Riggs 5/9/2017
Merchants With Class Joshua Zaback 4/18/2017
Wandering Witch (Witch) Joshua Zaback 4/11/2017
Defender of the Wild (Paladin) Alex Riggs 4/4/2017
Mad NPCs Alex Riggs 3/28/2017
Eldritch Surge (Wilder) Alex Riggs 3/21/2017
Dimensional Rider (Summoner) Joshua Zaback 3/14/2017
Eidolons and Phantoms Alex Riggs 3/7/2017
Gigantic Bloodline (Sorcerer) Alex Riggs 2/28/2017
Curse Blade (Magus) Joshua Zaback 2/7/2017
Cunning Duelist (Fighter) Joshua Zaback 1/31/2017
Tiny Infiltrator (Rogue) Alex Riggs 1/24/2017
Light and Life Domains (Cleric) Joshua Zaback 1/17/2017
Technology Specialist (Wizard) Alex Riggs 1/10/2017
Shotgun Specialist (Gunslinger) Alex Riggs 1/3/2017
Magmin Paragon Alex Riggs 12/13/2016
Mephit Paragon Alex Riggs 12/06/2016
Feral Revenant Alex Riggs 11/29/2016
Voice of Dissension (Vigilante) Joshua Zaback 11/08/2016
The Sweet Circle (Cultist) Joshua Zaback 11/01/2016
Slasher (Vigilante) Alex Riggs 10/25/2016
Urban Arcanist (Arcanist) Joshua Zaback 10/18/2016
Cult of the Yellow King (Cultist) Alex Riggs 10/11/2016
Voice of the Mountain (Skald) Joshua Zaback 10/04/2016
Elemental Blademaster (Kineticist) Alex Riggs 09/13/2016
Dunelord (Warpriest) Alex Riggs 09/06/2016
Night Stalker Alex Riggs 08/30/2016
Master of Subdual (Vigilante) Alex Riggs 08/23/2016
Portenta (Medium) Joshua Zaback 08/16/2016
Cult of the Wendigo (Cultist) Alex Riggs 08/09/2016
Necrognostic (Occultist) Alex Riggs 08/02/2016
Mako (Swashbuckler) Joshua Zaback 07/26/2016
Genie Binder (Spiritualist) Joshua Zaback 07/05/2016
Near Death Experience (Psychic) Alex Riggs 06/28/2016
Guardian of the Tropics (Ranger) Joshua Zaback 06/21/2016
Seeker of the Divine (Investigator) Alex Riggs 06/14/2016
Returned Champion (Paladin) Alex Riggs 06/07/2016
Faerie Follower (Druid) Joshua Zaback 05/31/2016
Distiller of Identities (Vigilante) Alex Riggs 05/24/2016
War Rager (Bloodrager) Alex Riggs 05/03/2016
Caori Razorclaw (Fighter) Joshua Zaback 04/26/2016
Mage Masher (Brawler) Alex Riggs 04/19/2016
Gold Guru (Rogue) Joshua Zaback 04/12/2016
Revenant Manipulator Alex Riggs 04/05/2016
Mesmerist Tricks (Mesmerist) Alex Riggs 03/29/2016
Smoke Spirit (Shaman) Joshua Zaback 03/22/2016
Corite Harmonicist (Monk) Alex Riggs 03/15/2016
Cult of the Bat (Cultist) Alex Riggs 02/23/2016
Horse Master (Hunter) Joshua Zaback 02/16/2016
Shadow Commando (Slayer) Joshua Zaback 02/09/2016
Deep One Bloodline (Sorcerer) Alex Riggs 02/02/2016
Clockwork Mechanist (Wizard) Joshua Zaback 01/26/2016
Devout Idealist (Cleric) Joshua Zaback 01/19/2016
Dream Singer (Bard) Joshua Zaback 01/12/2016
Stone Warrior (Barbarian) Alex Riggs 01/05/2016
The Elementalist Alex Riggs 12/15/2015
The Guilt Focus Alex Riggs 12/08/2015
The Hypnotist Alex Riggs 12/01/2015
The Cult of the Ghost Joshua Zaback 11/24/2015
Nyth Enlightened One Alex Riggs 11/03/2015
The Soul Borrower Joshua Zaback 10/27/2015
The Messenger of the Dead Alex Riggs 10/20/2015
The Object Specialist Alex Riggs 10/13/2015
The Spirit Speaker Joshua Zaback 10/6/2015
The Focused Wilder Joshua Zaback 09/29/2015
The Past Life Discipline Alex Riggs 09/22/2015
The Auto-Hypnotist Joshua Zaback 09/01/2015
The Angry Mountain Alex Riggs 08/25/2015
The Mortis Element Alex Riggs 08/18/2015
The Curse Master Alex Riggs 08/11/2015
The Anger Discipline Alex Riggs 08/04/2015
The Gog Trickster Alex Riggs 07/28/2015
The Haunt Hunter Joshua Zaback 07/21/2015
The Phantom Master Alex Riggs 07/14/2015
The Divine Butcher Alex Riggs 06/23/2015
The Rockin' Rager Joshua Zaback 06/16/2015
The Archaeologist Alex Riggs 06/9/2015
Ishior Zephyrblade Joshua Zaback 06/2/2015
The Cultist Alex Riggs 05/26/2015
The Dragonslayer Alex Riggs 05/5/2015
The Animal Friend Joshua Zaback 04/28/2015
Arcanist Exploits Alex Riggs 04/21/2015
The Death Spirit Alex Riggs 04/14/2015
The Rikishi Joshua Zaback 04/7/2015
The Gumshoe Alex Riggs 03/31/2015
The Singer of Soldiers Joshua Zaback 03/24/2015
The Dragonbond Hunter Joshua Zaback 03/17/2015
Nature's Avenger Alex Riggs 02/24/2015
The Drunken Pirate Alex Riggs 02/17/2015
The Storm Spirit Alex Riggs 02/10/2015
The Ecstatic Berserker Alex Riggs 02/03/2015
The Longstepper Joshua Zaback 1/27/2015
The Peace-Touched Bloodline Joshua Zaback 1/20/2015
The Ruthless Thug Alex Riggs 1/13/2015
The Eldritch Craftsman Alex Riggs 1/6/2015
The Sanctified Soldier Joshua Zaback 12/08/2014
The Homicide Detective Joshua Zaback 12/01/2014
The Bonded Hunter Joshua Zaback 11/24/2014
The Arcane Scholar Alex Riggs 11/17/2014
The Charming Blade Joshua Zaback 11/10/2014
The Autumn Spirit Alex Riggs 11/03/2014
The Trophy Killer Alex Riggs 10/20/2014
The Crashing Fist Joshua Zaback 10/13/2014
The Vernal Bloodline (Bloodrager) Alex Riggs 10/06/2014
The Frenzied Agitator Alex Riggs 09/29/2014
The Inquisitor of Faith Joshua Zaback 09/22/2014
Prototype Preview Alex Riggs 09/15/2014
The Restive Knight Joshua Zaback 09/08/2014
The Tinkerer Alex Riggs 09/01/2014
The Bloodmind Agent Alex Riggs 08/25/2014
Improvised Archetypes Joshua Zaback 08/18/2014
Malice and Maladies Alex Riggs 08/11/2014
Homeschooling Joshua Zaback 08/04/2014
The Shieldknight Alex Riggs 07/14/2014
The Vampyrius Joshua Zaback 07/07/2014
Endcap Extravaganza Alex Riggs 06/30/2014
The Scourge of Enemies Joshua Zaback 06/23/2014
Vampire Scions Alex Riggs 06/16/2014
The Urban Outlaw Joshua Zaback 06/09/2014
The Jungle Witch Alex Riggs 06/02/2014
The Herbalist Alex Riggs 05/26/2014
The Showstopper Joshua Zaback 05/05/2014
The Vernal Bloodline Alex Riggs 04/28/2014
The Cauldron Crone Alex Riggs 04/21/2014
The Golden Soul Acolyte Alex Riggs 04/14/2014
The Focused Hunter Alex Riggs 04/07/2014
Bushes, Trees, and Vines, Oh My! Alex Riggs 03/31/2014
The Aether Artisan Joshua Zaback 03/24/2014
The Master of the Dark Arts Alex Riggs 03/17/2014
Dark Domains Alex Riggs 03/10/2014
The Crusader Against Evil Joshua Zaback 03/03/2014
Combat Maneuverers Alex Riggs 02/24/2014
The Hellfrost Knight Alex Riggs 02/03/2014
The Cryochemist Alex Riggs 01/27/2014
The Ki Master Joshua Zaback 01/20/2014
The Smoke Mystery Alex Riggs 01/13/2014
Expert Fighters Joshua Zaback 01/06/2014
The Best of Villainy Alex Riggs 12/16/2013
The Dark Necromancer Bloodline Alex Riggs 12/09/2013
The Revenant Scourge Alex Riggs 12/02/2013
Cruomancy Archetypes, Part IV Joshua Zaback 11/25/2013
The Many-Schooled Mage Joshua Zaback 11/18/2013
Cruomancy Archetypes, Part III Joshua Zaback 11/04/2013
The Lupine Channeler Joshua Zaback 10/28/2013
Cruomancy Archetypes, Part II Joshua Zaback 10/21/2013
Cruomancy Archetypes, Part I Joshua Zaback 10/14/2013
The Empyreal Guardian Joshua Zaback 10/07/2013
The Radiant Champion Joshua Zaback 09/23/2013
Tesherazz, Weaver of Words Alex Riggs 09/16/2013
The Blademaster Alex Riggs 09/09/2013
The Primal Visionary Joshua Zaback 09/02/2013
The Iron Scout Alex Riggs 08/26/2013
The Monk of the Forgotten Order Joshua Zaback 08/19/2013
The Curse Connoisseur Joshua Zaback 08/12/2013
Fiend Friends Alex Riggs 07/22/2013
Summoning in Style Alex Riggs 07/15/2013
The Words Mystery Alex Riggs 07/08/2013
Ninjas of Stone and Wind Alex Riggs 07/01/2013
The Temporal Bloodline Joshua Zaback 06/24/2013
The Greenstalker Sniper Alex Riggs 06/17/2013
The Zealous Inquisitor Alex Riggs 06/10/2013
The Cosmic Caller Joshua Zaback 06/03/2013
The Arcanum Soldier Alex Riggs 05/27/2013
The Wise Master Joshua Zaback 05/20/2013
The Man on the Mountain Joshua Zaback 05/13/2013
The Kobold Trapmaster Joshua Zaback 04/29/2013
Hexes of Distinction Joshua Zaback 04/22/2013
The Eigen Alex Riggs 04/15/2013
The Master of Humors Alex Riggs 04/08/2013
Sutra Stars Joel Migas 04/01/2013
The Lucky Scoundrel Joshua Zaback 03/25/2013
The Battlesmith Joel Migas 03/18/2013
The Order of the Eternal Barrier Alex Riggs 03/11/2013
The Gun Sage Joshua Zaback 02/18/2013
Provocateur of the Heart Marie Barnes 02/11/2013
The Potion Master Marie Barnes 02/04/2013
Goblins with Class Alex Riggs 01/28/2013
Nature's Champion Alex Riggs 01/21/2013
The Doom Lord Joshua Zaback 01/14/2013
First-Class Archetypes, part II Alex Riggs 01/07/2013
First-Class Archetypes Alex Riggs 12/31/2012
The Viking Skald Joshua Zaback 12/17/2012
Mutagenic Discoveries Alex Riggs 12/10/2012
The Charm of Swarms Alex Riggs 12/03/2012
Cutting Edge Classes Joshua Zaback 11/26/2012
Elindra Joshua Zaback 11/19/2012
The Criminologist Alex Riggs 11/12/2012
The Wilderness Warden Joshua Zaback 11/05/2012
The Necromantic Master Alex Riggs 10/29/2012
The Bow Magus Alex Riggs 10/15/2012
The Pugilist Alex Riggs 10/08/2012
The Devotee of the Stone Joshua Zaback 10/01/2012
Rage Against the Machine Alex Riggs 09/24/2012
The Shield Mage Joshua Zaback 09/17/2012
The Master of Sensation Joshua Zaback 09/10/2012
The Monstrous Paragon Alex Riggs 08/27/2012
The Mage Slayer Joshua Zaback 08/20/2012
Charming Scoundrels Alex Riggs 08/13/2012
Harbinger of Chorgthos Alex Riggs 08/06/2012
E-vocations Joshua Zaback 07/30/2012
The Witch Doctor Joshua Zaback 07/23/2012
Top Shots Alex Riggs 07/16/2012
Mixing it Up Alex Riggs 07/09/2012
Music Class Alex Riggs 06/18/2012
The Jester Joshua Zaback 06/11/2012
The Verdant Enchanter Joshua Zaback 06/04/2012
Hard and Fast Rogues Alex Riggs 05/28/2012
Dragon Warriors Joshua Zaback 05/21/2012
The Hagspawn Bloodline Joshua Zaback 05/14/2012
Universal Wizard Lessons Joshua Zaback 04/30/2012
Visions of the Oracle Alex Riggs 04/23/2012
Archetypes of Faith Joshua Zaback 04/16/2012
Mounties Alex Riggs 04/09/2012
Select Summoners Joshua Zaback 04/02/2012
Inherited Gifts Alex Riggs 03/26/2012
Barbarian Boot Camp Joshua Zaback 03/19/2012
The Pact-Bound Witch Alex Riggs 03/12/2012
The Monk Ascetic Joshua Zaback 03/05/2012
Ladies' Men Alex Riggs 02/27/2012
The Holy Swordsman Alex Riggs 02/06/2012
Rangers of Choice Joshua Zaback 01/30/2012
Abjurative Options Joshua Zaback 01/23/2012
Necromantic Options Joshua Zaback 01/16/2012