Cruomancy Archetypes, Part II

October 21st, 2013

Joshua Zaback

Best in Class Archive

            Welcome back to Best in Class, where last week I promised you that I would make new class archetypes for each class in order to better use all the great stuff in our newly updated book, Liber Vampyr. This week I’m continuing to make good on that promise, though the task is too daunting for even two weeks to complete it. Enjoy.



New Cleric Archetype
Priest of the Blood

            These clerics have devoted their lives to the dark pursuits of blood magic, and often they worship gods of death and gore, or even vampirism. Priests of the blood control their own blood to fuel their divine powers.

            Domains: A priest of the blood receives only 1 domain.

            Novice Cruomancer: At 1st level, a priest of the blood receives Novice Cruomancer as a bonus feat.

            Sanguine Devotee (Su): In order to channel divine power, a priest of the blood must expend some of her blood. She can channel energy, either positive or negative, as normal for a cleric of her level. Instead of having a limited daily number of uses for this ability, a priest of the blood must spend a blood point each time that she channels energy, although she may channel energy as many times per day as she likes, as long she spends the necessary blood points. A priest of the blood chooses whether to channel positive or negative energy each time she uses this ability, instead of having to choose when she gains the channel energy class feature.

            This ability modifies the channel energy class feature.

            Blood Spell (Su): A priest of the blood can sacrifice a prepared spell in order to gain blood points for use on the fly. As a standard action, she can choose to sacrifice a single spell she has prepared and has not yet cast in order to gain a number of blood points equal to the spell’s level. Sacrificing a spell in this way expends the spell, as though she had cast it. She can use this ability up to three times per day.

            This ability replaces the spontaneous casting class feature.



New Druid Archetype
Blood Shaman

            These druids are shamans who practice the art of natural magic by utilizing blood. Believing blood to be a potent force in the natural world, blood shamans are gifted in its use, gaining vampire-like powers and a dominion over predatory beasts.

            Sanguine Bond: At 1st level, a blood shaman receives Novice Cruomancer and any one vampire feat for which she qualifies as bonus feats.

            This ability replaces the nature’s bond class feature.

            Predatory Command (Su): As a standard action, the blood shaman can expend 2 blood points in order to temporarily gain control over a single animal. The target creature must be within 50 feet of the blood shaman, and must succeed on a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the blood shaman’s druid level + the blood shaman’s Wisdom modifier) or fall under her control, as though by the spell dominate animal, except that the effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the blood shaman’s Wisdom modifier.

            By spending 4 blood points, the blood shaman can target creatures of the magical beast type with this ability. If the target fails its saving throw, she gains control of it, as though with the spell dominate monster, instead of dominate animal. The duration of the effect is still a number of rounds equal to the blood shaman’s Wisdom modifier.

            This ability replaces the wild empathy class feature.

            Wild Blood (Su): A blood shaman has the ability to alter her form as a normal druid; however, her transformative powers are dependent on blood. A blood shaman does not gain a set number of uses of wild shape each day, but instead must spend 1 blood point per spell level of the spell wild shape is replicating in order to use the ability (for example, if she were to replicate elemental body III in order to transform into a Large elemental, she would need to spend 6 blood points). The blood shaman can use this ability an unlimited number of times per day, provided that she spends the necessary blood points each time she uses it.

            This ability modifies the wild shape class feature.



New Fighter Archetype
Sanguine Knight

            Sanguine knights are unique warriors who augment their combat skills with deadly blood magic. Believing in the power of the blood, sanguine knights can shake off fear and empower their attacks by harvesting the blood of their foes.

            Novice Cruomancer: At 1st level, a sanguine knight receives Novice Cruomancer as a bonus feat.

            This ability replaces the bonus feat gained at 1st level.

            Bloody Courage (Su): Beginning at 2nd level, whenever the sanguine knight would become subject to a fear effect, he may expend a single blood point as an immediate action in order to automatically negate the effects of the fear effect.

            This ability replaces the bravery class feature.

            Bloody Strike: Beginning at 5th level, the sanguine knight learns to use the blood of his defeated foes to aid him in combat. By expending a single blood point as a swift action, the sanguine knight can add a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls for 1 minute. At 10th level, and every 5 levels thereafter, this bonus improves by an additional +2.

            This ability replaces the weapon training class feature.



New Gunslinger Archetype
Bloody Shot

            These dreaded gun fighters acquire the mysterious lore of cruomancy in order to become more deadly and dangerous marksman. Often, these dangerous prowlers display more grit than their kin, so long as the blood keeps flowing.

            Novice Cruomancer: At 1st level, a bloody shot receives Novice Cruomancer as a bonus feat.

            Bloody Grit: A bloody shot does not regain grit by confirming a critical hit or by slaying an opponent; rather, in order to regain grit, a bloody shot must expend blood points. By spending 2 blood points as an immediate action, a bloody shot can immediately regain 1 point of grit.

            This ability modifies the grit class feature.