August 4th, 2014

Joshua Zaback

Best in Class Archive

                Today we celebrate the union of two of our esteemed articles, as we talk about the new races debuted in Exotic Encounters here on Best in Class. By now you may have guessed that the subject of today’s article will be new racial archetypes for the races that had their debut here on the site. In fact, today we’ll be providing just such an archetype for every single new player race revealed here so far this year, which means we have a lot to go through, so let’s get started.


New Wizard Archetype
Arthubel Craftsmaster


                The arthubel are a race of esteemed crafters and master workmen, gifted in both magical and manual arts. Arthubel craftsmasters represent the height of this cultural union, and are gifted in both traditional crafts and magical creation.

                Craftsmaster (Ex): An arthubel craftsmaster is a true expert at creating objects and structures. Beginning at 1st level, the arthubel craftsmaster gains a bonus on all Craft checks equal to 1/2 his class level. Additionally, he may take 10 on any Craft check made to create magical or alchemical items.

                This ability replaces the arcane bond class feature.

                Magical Construction (Sp): An arthubel craftsmaster is adept at using magic to create objects and possesses an innate ability to create simple and complex objects with incredible speed. Beginning at 1st level, an arthubel craftsmaster can spend 1 full minute in order to create an object of pure magic. The object must be no larger than 5 cubic feet plus 1 cubic foot per level, and must be made entirely of simple substances (wood, stone, metal) and contain no moving parts. Objects created by this ability last for 24 hours before fading away. Objects created by this ability are obviously ephemeral and have no value, though otherwise function normally. This ability cannot create magical objects. Objects created this way can be made permanent if a permanency spell is cast upon them; the price to do so is equal to their value in gold pieces. An arthubel craftmaster can maintain a number of these items at any one time equal to his Intelligence score. If he creates any additional items beyond that amount, the oldest item from among those he currently is maintaining immediately vanishes.

                This ability replaces the arcane school class feature.

                Bonus Feats (Ex): An arthubel craftsmaster is focused on the creation of magical items. Whenever the arthubel craftsmaster gains a wizard bonus feat, he must choose an item creation feat.

                This ability modifies the bonus feats class feature.


New Bard Archetype
Gelfid Infiltrator


                Some gelfids are exceptionally skilled at taking hosts by stealth and guile, rather than by magical influence. These gelfids typically take hosts while sleeping, or transmit their bodies from one host to another during battle.

                Academic Spells: A gelfid infiltrator determines his bonus spells per day, the highest level of spell that he can cast, and the saving throw DCs of his spells using his Intelligence modifier, rather than his Charisma modifier. His spellcasting otherwise remains unaltered.

                Gelfid Guile (Ex): A gelfid infiltrator is exceptionally skilled at taking hosts while they sleep. A gelfid infiltrator add his level as a bonus on all Stealth and Sleight of Hand checks while in his natural form, and adds half his level on all Stealth and Sleight of Hand checks while taking a host.

                This ability replaces the bardic knowledge class feature.

                Body Burrow (Ex): A gelfid infiltrator can attempt to burrow into the flesh of potential hosts through their open wounds. Beginning at 5th level, gelfid infiltrator can attempt to transfer to a character with hit point damage as a free action. He can only do this during a round in which his host is threatening the target. Additionally, the gelfid infiltrator must have either been in control of a grapple against the target at the beginning of the round, or successfully affected the target with a spell with a range of touch during the round. The target is entitled to a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the gelfid infiltrator’s class level + the gelfid infiltrator’s Charisma modifier) to resist. If the target resists the effect, the gelfid is forced out of its host body and into the environment. He may use this ability once per day at 5th level, and an additional time per day every 5 levels thereafter.

                This ability replaces the lore master class feature.


New Druid Archetype
Akori Plantfriend

                Akori plantfirends are druids devoted to the preservation of their fellow plants and plant creatures. As survival of local plant life is of chief importance to the akori, these druids are revered in their culture.

                Plant Focused (Ex): An akori plantfriend is a master of casting spells which manipulate and aid plants. Whenever an akori casts a spell which targets a plant, she is treated as though her caster level were two higher than it actually is.

                This ability replaces the wild empathy class feature.

                Plant Form (Ex): Beginning at 9th level, whenever the akori assumes the form of a plant creature using a polymorph effect (including using wild shape) to replicate plant shape, she gains an additional +2 bonus to any ability score enhanced by that spell. This bonus increases by an additional +2 at 17th level.

                This ability replaces the venom immunity class feature.


New Sorcerer Archetype
Sha’vani Blood Mage

                These dread casters unlock the forbidden power of their blood to darken their spells and wreak havoc on their foes. Because of their sinister powers, these sha’vani are even more ostracized and feared than others of their kind,

                Forbidden Blood (Su): A sha’vani blood mage’s cursed blood allows her to manipulate her bloodline abilities. Whenever a sha’vani blood mage uses a bloodline power, she can choose to treat that power as though it were a spell with the forbidden descriptor. If she does, she gains 1 profane point, but she gains a +4 bonus to any attack rolls made with that power, and the DC of any saving throw associated with that power is increased by 2.

                This ability replaces the eschew materials class feature.

                Forbidden Spell (Su): Whenever a sha’vani bloodmage would gain a bloodline spell, she may instead choose any spell with the forbidden descriptor that appears on the sorcerer/wizard spell list, and that is of a level she can cast.

                This ability modifies the bloodline spell class feature.

                Blood Surge (Su): Whenever a sha’vani bloodmage casts a spell with the forbidden descriptor, she can infuse it with her dread blood, increasing its potency. Beginning at 6th level, when the sha’vani blood mage casts a spell with the forbidden descriptor, she may choose to suffer 1d10 points of damage. If she does, that spell’s saving throw DC increased by 1. At 6th level, she can use this ability once per day. She may use this ability an additional time each day at 13th level, and again at 19th level. She must declare that she is using this ability before the target rolls his saving throw.

                This ability replaces the bloodline feat class feature.


New Ranger Archetype
Nakani Prowler

                These nakani are true guardians of the wilderness, taking a vital interest in its survival. While his fellows choose to operate in the shadows, the nakani prowler seeks out his foes and exacts the revenge of the wild lands.

                Bonded Strength (Su): A nakani prowler is especially adept at protecting his wild home. At 4th level, the nakani prowler gains a +1 bonus on all attack and damage rolls made while in his favored terrain. Whenever the nakani prowler gains a new favored terrain, this bonus increase by +1 for the terrain of his choice.

                This ability replaces the hunter’s bond class feature.

                Nature's Warden (Su): A nakani prowler is revered by nature. Beginning at 9th level, the nakani prowler creatures of the animal type cannot attack the nakani prowler without succeeding on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the nakani prowler’s level + the nakani prowler’s Wisdom modifier). An animal that succeeds on this Will save can attack the nakani prowler with impunity for 24 hours. If the nakani prowler attacks an animal, or otherwise takes a hostile action towards it, that animal is unaffected by this ability for 24 hours. At 16th level, this ability affects creatures of the plant type as well.

                This ability replaces the evasion and improved evasion class features.


New Wizard Archetype
Xilth Mental Mage

Xilth mental mages are xilth who have learned to use their potent mental powers in order to influence the targets of their spells, making it much harder to resist their magic. Because of the subtle nature of their telepathic power, they are only able to enhance spells of certain kind, learning to apply their powers to more advanced types of spells as they gain in power.

                Mental Spells (Ex): Whenever the xilth mental mage casts a spell with the fear descriptor that targets a character within range of his telepathy, the saving throw DC of that spell is increased by 1. At 6th level, this ability also applies to spells with the emotion descriptor. At 14th level, this ability apples to all forms of mind-affecting spells.

                This ability replaces the arcane bond class feature.

                Transmuted Body (Ex): Because a xilth’s body is artificial, the xilth mental mage is able to shore it up and support it with magic. At 1st level, a xilth mental mage’s natural armor bonus to AC increases by +1. At 5th level, and every 5 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by an additional +1 (to a maximum of +5 at 20th level). This bonus does not stack with other sources of natural armor.

                This ability replaces the Scribe Scroll feat gained at 1st level, and the bonus feats gained at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level.