Prototype Preview

September 15th, 2014

Alex Riggs

Best in Class Archive

                Today marks the release of our latest book, New Beginnings: Alternate Character Creation Methods. As you might imagine, this book is all about different ways to start your game and create your characters, and some of them get pretty wild. There’s a revised and updated version of the tarot character creation originally published in The Book of Beginnings, and the new career character creation, which allows you to play through your character’s life prior to the start of the campaign in order to determine his or her ability scores, class skills, and weapon proficiencies. But the character creation method I’m going to show you today is considerably more down to earth.

                The prototype character creation method is primarily for those who want to start their game in a hurry. Rather than roll, or assign points, both of which can be laborious time-sinks, both for inexperienced players and for enfranchised ones who feel compelled to ensure that their character is as effective as possible, you simply pick a prototype (there are three for each class), which determines your ability scores and class. You then pick your skills and feat(s) (most prototypes provide some limitations in this regard, to help narrow your focus and speed things along), grab your gear, and you’re done! Well, almost done. In order to make up for the more restrictive nature of character creation, each prototype provides 1-2 unique abilities, somewhere between a trait and a feat, which tie into the prototype’s theme.

                But rather than hear me go on about prototypes, why don’t we take a look at a few.

                Click here to download a .pdf sample of New Beginnings: Alternate Character Creation Methods, which contains all of the rules for using prototypes, plus prototypes for several character classes.