The Focused Wilder

September 29th, 2015

Joshua Zaback

Best in Class Archive

                Those of you who have had the chance to look over Occult Adventures these past couple of months will no doubt be aware the book features many great classes. You’ve also no doubt noticed by now that we’ve been creating new archetypes and class options for those classes. That trend continues today as we take a look at the amazing kineticist class, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a new kind of blaster with a wide variety of special wild talents that add utility. Part mage and part ranged attacker, kineticists benefit from a number of unique, interesting, as well as complicated mechanics that make them something special. This week’s new archetype, the focused wilder, is designed to help reduce the confusion a bit and bring a little more focused approach to her blasting.


New Kineticist Archetype
Focused Wilder

                Focused wilders are kineticists who have chosen to harness intense concentration and practice their magic in a more traditional fashion in order to keep tight control of their power. They wield raw mental energy to focus the strength of the elements. This allows them to empower their energies at less risk to themselves, but comes with the drawback of being less able to harness burn to their own ends.

                Burn (Ex): A focused wilder stresses her mind rather than her body to work her magical charms. A focused wilder gains burn as normal, except that the maximum amount of burn she can accept is equal to her Intelligence modifier, rather than 3 + her Constitution modifier.

                This ability modifies the burn class feature.

                Heal Burn (Ex): A focused wilder can focus her mind in order to rid it of mental stress. Once per day 1st level, as a special ritual which requires 10 minutes to clear her thoughts, the focused wilder can remove all burn she currently has accepted, and immediately recover any nonlethal damage associated with that burn.

                This ability replaces the gather power class feature.

                Focused Defense (Ex): A focused wilder can channel her mental energies to gain potent defenses. At 2nd level, a focused wilder can accept 1 point of burn as a standard action. If she does, she gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC, an amount of damage reduction equal to the number of points of burn she currently has (to a maximum amount equal to her class level), and an amount of energy resistance equal to twice the number of points of burn she currently has. When she uses this ability, she may choose the energy type she gains resistance to; if she chooses the energy type associated with her elemental blast, she gains an additional 5 points of energy resistance of that type. These bonuses last for 1 minute.

                This ability replaces the elemental defense class feature. A focused wilder may still gain her element’s defense wild talent by selecting it as a utility wild talent when she gains new a utility wild talent.

                Focused Mind (Ex): A focused wilder is adept at keeping her mind free of mental stress. At 5th level, whenever the focused wilder would accept burn, she ignores 1 point of burn (taking a minimum of 1 point of burn). At 8th level, and every 3 levels thereafter, she ignores 1 additional point of burn (taking a minimum of 1 point of burn).

                This ability replaces the infusion specialization class feature.

                Delay Burn (Su): A focused wilder can focus her mind in order to temporarily ignore the harsh effects of burn on her body. At 11th level, whenever a focused wilder accepts a point of burn, she can choose to not suffer any nonlethal damage as a consequence of that burn for a number of rounds equal to her Intelligence modifier. If she does, after 1 minute, she suffers twice the amount of nonlethal damage she would have taken as a consequence of that burn.

                This ability replaces the supercharge class feature.

                Refocus Ray (Su): A focused wilder can unleash the stress on her mind as a powerful energy blast. At 19th level, whenever a focused wilder uses her kinetic blast, she may choose to instantly heal all of her burn and remove the nonlethal damage suffered as a consequence of that burn. If she does, her kinetic blast deals an additional amount of nonlethal damage equal to the amount of nonlethal damage removed this way.

                This ability replaces the metakinetic master class feature.