The Elementalist

December 15th, 2015

Alex Riggs

Best in Class Archive

                It's Kineticist Week here at Necromancers of the Northwest, so naturally it's time for a new kineticist archetype. Today's archetype is something we stumbled on when working on the kineticist for our Weekly Wonders: Rebellious Archetypes product, but wound up getting cut, because it wasn't so much rebellious as chaotic. I thought it was neat, though, so I've brought it back to be the star of today's article. Why have one element when you can have four? I can't think of any reasons, so without further ado, here's the elementalist.


New Kineticist Archetype

                Not all kineticists are tied to a particular element. Some allow the power of the elements to ebb and flow through them, gaining a temporary mastery over each element in turn. These kineticists, who focus on each of the four classical elements, though not at the same time, are referred to as elementalists.

                Shifting Focus (Su): An elementalist does not gain a single elemental focus, as other kineticists do, instead changing her elemental focus daily. Each day, when the elementalist's burn is removed, she randomly determines a single elemental focus from among the following: air, earth, fire, and water. She gains the basic utility wild talent for the associated element (basic aerokinesis, basic geokinesis, basic pyrokinesis, and basic hydrokinesis, respectively), and all simple blasts associated with that element. If she is at least 2nd level, she also gains the elemental defense wild talent associated with that element. The elementalist is treated as having the element as her elemental focus for the purposes of whether or not she can use wild talents that have it as a prerequisite. These benefits last until the next time that the elementalist's burn is removed.

                This ability modifies the elemental focus, kinetic blast, and elemental defense class features.

                Mutable Wild Talents: Whenever the elementalist randomly determines her elemental focus for the day, she can exchange certain wild talents she knows for new ones which better fit her element for the day. The utility wild talents an elementalist gains at 2nd, 8th, 14th, and 20th levels, as well as the infusions she gains at 3rd, 11th, and 19th level, are referred to as mutable wild talents, and can be exchanged for any other wild talent of the same type (utility wild talent or infusion, respectively), for which the elementalist qualifies. The new wild talent must be of an effective spell level that she would have qualified for at the time that she initially gained it (1st level for the wild talents gained at 2nd and 3rd level, 4th level for the one gained at 8th level, and so on).

                This ability modifies the utility wild talents and infusions class features.

                Forced Shift (Su): Beginning at 6th level, an elementalist can prematurely change the element she is currently focused on. Once per day, by meditating for 10 minutes, the elementalist can randomly select a new element, exactly the same way that she does at the beginning of each day (allowing her to change her mutable wild talents, as well).

                This ability replaces the internal buffer class feature.

                Internalized Element (Su): Beginning at 7th level, an elementalist internalizes a single element of her choice, from amongst air, earth, fire, and water. She permanently gains the basic utility wild talent associated with that element, a single simple blast associated with that element, and a single utility wild talent associated with that element whose prerequisites she meets, and is treated as having that element as her elemental focus for the purposes of qualifying for wild talents.

                Additionally, whenever the elementalist randomly determines a new elemental focus for the day, she gains all composite blast wild talents whose prerequisites she meets, based on her new elemental focus and her internalized element. If her elemental focus and internalized element are the same, she is treated as having expanded element for that element for the purposes of qualifying for wild talents.

                At 15th level, the elementalist may select another element from amongst air, earth, fire, and water, gaining the same benefits for that element as she gained for the element chosen at 7th level. She cannot choose the same element that she chose at 7th level.