Gold Guru (Rogue)

April 12th, 2016

Joshua Zaback

Best in Class Archive

                Today we continue celebrating Gold Week, a week devoted to cold hard cash. Today we introduce a new archetype for the rogue class: the gold guru. Gold gurus are somewhat odd characters, all about getting more gold then and using their wealth to their advantage. Whether eking out a little extra coin from merchants or bashing their foes with a massive bag of gold, gold gurus are clearly specialists in gold.


New Rogue Archetype

Gold Guru

                Gold gurus are special individuals who are obsessed with the acquisition of gold and the increase of wealth. Not only do they have a natural longing for gold that most individuals can’t hope to match, they have a number of special talents which enable them to find more gold than most, easily carry even vast sums of wealth on their person, and make the most out of the gold they have. Gold gurus aren’t just shrewd merchants and clever thieves, however; these rogues have a number of quasi-magical skills which stem from their faith and love of all that glitters.

                Gold Sense (Ex): A gold guru possesses a sixth sense when it come to gold, allowing her to easily detect when large piles of gold are nearby, as well as alerting her to the approximate value of items with a mere glance. The gold guru adds twice her level as a bonus on Appraise checks, and can make such checks untrained. Additionally, gold gurus are constantly alert for gold, and are immediately aware when they pass within 5 feet of at least 50 gp worth of unattended gold coins, or an object made mostly of gold worth at least 50 gp. Additionally, the gold guru adds half her level on Perception checks made to locate creatures carrying at least 25 gp per level in gold, either in coins of objects made mostly of gold.

                This ability replaces the trapfinding class feature.

                Gold Sack (Ex): At 2nd level, a gold guru learns special weaving techniques and secrets of leverage that allow her to create a special pseudo-magical sack which can carry great quantities of gold. Any gold placed in these massive sacks does not count against the gold guru’s carrying capacity when determining encumbrance. Such sacks have enough capacity to hold 100,000 gold coins and must be carried in two hands. Since part of the power of these sacks comes from the gold guru’s faith in gold, the sack has no effect on other objects placed within it.

                This ability replaces the rogue talent gained at 2nd level.

                Uncanny Knack (Ex): Beginning at 2nd level, a gold guru learns how to effectively pinch pennies when buying objects. Whenever the gold guru attempts to purchase an item, she may make a special Diplomacy check; the DC for this check is either 20, or 1 for every 2,000 gp in the item’s value (whichever is higher). If the check is successful, the gold guru can purchase the item for 10% less than the price the merchant would ordinarily sell it for.

                This ability replaces the evasion class feature.

                Lucky Coin (Ex): At 3rd level, a gold guru invests a significant portion of her faith in a single golden coin, which grants her good luck so long as she never parts from it. She must designate a single gold coin to be her lucky coin. So long as she keeps the coin in her possession, she gains a +1 luck bonus to AC and saving throws. At 6th level, and every 3 levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by a further +1. If the gold guru ever loses possession of the coin, she suffers a penalty to her AC and saving throws equal to the bonus she normally receives. These penalties last until the coin is recovered, or she designates a new coin as her lucky coin (a process which takes 1 week).

                This ability replaces the trap sense class feature.

                Greater Uncanny Knack (ex): At 8th level, a gold guru can turn her exceptional mercantile talents to selling items as well as buying them. Whenever she attempts to sell an item to another character, the gold guru can make a special Diplomacy check. The DC for this check is either 20, or 1 for every 1,000 gp in the item’s cost (whichever is higher). If the check is successful, she can sell the item for 10% more than the buyer would typically pay for it.

                This ability replaces the improved uncanny dodge class feature.

                Gold Sack Strike (Ex): At 10th level, the gold guru learns how to attack his foes with his large bag of gold. The gold guru can make attacks with his gold sack; treat this as an improvised weapon attack for the purposes of feats and abilities which affect weapons. unlike a normal improvised weapon, however, attacks made with the gold sack do not provoke attacks of opportunity and deal a number of points of damage equal to 1d10 + the gold guru’s Strength modifier + 1 for every 10,000 gold coins contained in the gold sack.

                This ability replaces the advanced rogue talent gained at 10th level.