White Necromancer Spell List Expansion

December 5th, 2017

Alex Riggs

Best in Class Archive

When making a new spellcasting class, there is always the difficult decision of whether or not to give it its own spellcasting list. On the one hand, a unique list allows you to better curate exactly what spells the class has access to. On the other hand, it makes the class much less compatible with other products: you have to start by listing every existing spell that it gets, but then later, whenever new products come out, you either have to hope that the publisher keeps your class in mind, or update your list accordingly, or else the two just fail to meet, which can cause frustration for players at the table.

Of course, a lot of the time you can take a class and a spell to a GM, and say “Publisher X made this class, and Publisher Y made this spell. It seems natural that they should go together, but neither publisher referenced each other. Can you houserule it?” And generally they will. But sometimes they won’t, or there’s a dispute over whether that spell is really appropriate for that class, or what level it should be, etc.

So, in the interest of greater cross-publisher support amongst third-party publishers, we determined that the white necromancer class, from Open Design’s New Paths Compendium, deserved some additional necromantic options, and who better to provide them than the Necromancers of the Northwest? We scoured every spell we’d ever made, selected the ones that we though were appropriate for the class, and put them all in one handy place.

Note that the spells each have their source listed in parentheses. Spells from our website are listed with “ANA” and a number, indicating the year of A Necromancer’s Almanac it is collected in. Similarly, spells from a volume of Advanced Arcana are listed with “AA” and then the volume in which they are found. Spells from an installment of Weekly Wonders are listed with “WW” and then the title of the particular installment (sometimes abbreviated for length).


1st-level: Ardesalf’s preservation (ANA12), bolster resolve (AA7), chains of regret (AA6), clarity of faith (AA7), cure companions (Wild Things), curse of insatiable hunger (ANA14), eyelight (AA1), guiding wind (AA3), midnight bolt (AA2), Morticia’s agonizing terror (AA7), Nosicar’s independent eye (ANA12), Sorvithal’s blackest curse (AA3), Sorvithal’s energy corruption (AA3), terrorize (AA3), vampire’s caress (AA5), vicious ray (AA1), vicious touch (AA7)

2nd-level: agony bolt (ANA12), blood calling (ANA13), bloody blade (AA7), corpsedance (AA2), darkblast (AA3), doom ward (ANA14), enforced pacifism (AA4), forewarning (AA2), gravebirth (ANA13), mold shadows (ANA12), Nosicar’s helping hand (ANA12), reactive terror (ANA13), sense presence (ANA15), spirit sight (AA2), unstable flight (ANA12), vacation from curses (ANA14)

3rd-level: animus (ANA13), Ardesalf’s curse catcher (AA3), bloodscry (AA2), circle of life (ANA15), corrupt blood (ANA13), curse of hunter’s craving (WW Vengeful Curses), curse of mortality (WW Troll Magic), damage undead (AA3), exorcism (ANA13), Morticia’s corpseshape (AA4), Morticia’s draining tendrils (AA7), Morticia’s interrogation (AA6), Morticia’s spectral command (AA6), Morticia’s spirit séance (AA6), Nosicar’s assimilation (ANA12), resist negative/positive energy (AA7), shadow chains (ANA14), shield of the living (AA4), skeletal wall (ANA17), skull tracking (AA5), spectral armor (ANA13), speech theft (AA4), spirit ward (AA6), spiteful curse (AA5)

4th-level: bolster undead (AA2), burst of vigor (WW Troll Magic), conjure maddened spirit (ANA12), corpseride (AA2), curse of blasphemer’s end (WW Vengeful Curses), curse of haunted dreams (WW Vengeful Curses), curse of spilt blood (WW Vengeful Curses), deconstruct death (ANA14), enhance undead (AA4), enspirit construct (ANA15), flight of black wings (AA3), frenzy undead (ANA13), ghosts of madness (ANA17), inescapable dread (ANA13), life from death (ANA13), malicious weariness (AA6), night mist (ANA14), protection from decapitation (ANA12), receive soul (AA6), relive demise (AA7), Sorvithal’s casual oppressor (AA3), speak with loved ones (ANA15)

5th-level: Baba Yaga’s threefold curse (ANA13), blood healing (AA6), bloom of life (AA6), circle of defense (ANA15), create nosferatu (ANA13), curse of mirrored harm (WW Vengeful Curses), curse of shared fates (AA3), death of a thousand maggots (ANA13), ghost fence (ANA17), healing prayer (AA5), heart regrowth (WW Troll Magic), Morticia’s dark revival (AA4), possess corpse (AA5), raise thrall (AA3), revitalize (ANA15), shriveling decay (ANA12), Sorvithal’s withering hex (AA2), steal misery (AA7), undying murder (AA7), vision of terror (AA4)

6th-level: blinding fear (AA7), commandeer vitality (AA4), create skeletal minions (AA1), curse of corruption (AA7), death from life (ANA13), fatal attraction (ANA13), fountain of life (ANA17), life siphon (AA1), replace curse (ANA17), séance (ANA15), secret from beyond (ANA15), shadowbind (ANA14), Sorvithal’s aura of decay (AA5), Sorvithal’s undead army (AA2), soul sieve (AA3), soulsoung (AA6), theft of years (ANA13), wall of darkness (AA4), zombify (AA5)

7th-level: absorb soul (ANA13), bloodcast (AA6), create ghost (AA6), drain youth (AA2), form of the ghost (AA4), gem of false souls (WW Gem Magic), healing favor (AA4), life to unlife (ANA13), life transfer (ANA17), monstrous regeneration (AA6), Morticia’s cosmic horror (AA7), Morticia’s dark champion (AA7), Morticia’s dark lightning (AA4), Morticia’s invigoration (AA7), Morticia’s spiral of death (AA6), recall from death (ANA17), recall soul (AA6), skeletal servitude (ANA12), slay loved one (ANA13), Sorvithal’s soul devourer (ANA13), spirit twin (AA1), timely demise (ANA15), utter consumption (AA3)

8th-level: finger of undeath (ANA13), life bond (ANA17), Morticia’s spirit conversion (AA6), Nosicar’s dismemberment (ANA12), rejuvenate (AA1), shared heal (ANA12), ship of ghosts (ANA17), Sorvithal’s inevitable doom (AA2), Sorvithal’s ultimate annihilation (AA5), soul forge (ANA15), soulblast (ANA13), soulcraft (AA6), supreme terror (AA4), touch of death (ANA15), touch of the grave (AA3)

9th-level: alignment reversal (ANA12), asuric destruction (ANA15), call spirit guide (AA6), cheat death (ANA17), death coin trap (WW Coin Magic), enslave soul (AA3), final return (AA7), greater curse of mirrored harm (WW Vengeful Curses), greater true seeing (ANA12), mighty reincarnation (ANA17), otherworldly council (AA5), pale horse (ANA12), phantasmal assassin (AA5), recall death (AA6), shadow flight (ANA14), slave beyond death (AA4), Sorvithal’s palace of damnation (AA5), Sorvithal’s withering demise (AA5), soul doll (ANA13), soul seeker (ANA15), soul siphon (AA1), vampiric mist (ANA14), white horse (ANA12)